Sales Funnel, Content Funnel? What's the Difference?

Sales Funnel, Content Funnel, What’s the Difference?

How come people confuse revenue funnels with content funnels? Why is this “mix up” so common?

The actual reasons why folks mix up revenue funnels with content ones is (in my opinion) a result of language (vocabulary). “Sales funnel” can refer to the “mailing lists” lists we commonly use to help directly market products and services, using tools like Aweber, Drip, and so on. It could also pertain to social networking. And naturally to compensated campaigns, as well as lots of other article, post, video, etc. strategy channels we use when building trust relationships with your niche market.

Regrettably, it’s too easy to mix up the type with work with the functionality (the old phrase “form vs. function” comes to mind), and end up with a blurred, not too focused perspective of the tangible results we aim to accomplish.

When this confusion creeps in… Heads-up! Return to the essentials!

Always focus on the (real world) idea of sales funnels being “To help guide visitor traffic, and filter people who are interested”. When you recognize those who are interested, you guide towards reduce stages (in your funnel) that helps answer their demand (or motivation) to purchase your products and services.

Seems pretty straight forward and simple, would you agree?

The problem… Many people seem to assume (when they consider the sales funnel) that publishing content to help filter visitors functions exactly as sales funnels do. But… No! Content funnels are (quite) different from sales funnels. Let’s see how…

Content funnels, naturally, pipe into your sales funnels, but… content funnels require and need attention on their own. If you are building a content funnel, for your real estate website for example (or any niche), always keep in mind what your end aim is. Personally I use sticky notes, that quite literally say “My goal is…” – This way it helps me to always be focused!

But let’s be very frank here… Your ultimate goal is NEVER to build a website for people trying to find anything and everything related to your niche – That simply won’t work. Sure, it’s great to get there, but you have to dive much deeper. Your ultimate goal is always to market a specific product or service. (Keep your niche website – and related funnels, as tight as possible). Working this way is what builds a more reliable stream of income (and anything extra is simply dessert goodness!)

The driving factor is to never loose sight that you need to create your content, in a manner that guides your audience (with benefits, solutions, etc.) to purchase products and services that provide them good value. If not, you’re wasting time creating posts, which includes no chance of converting your site’s targeted audience traffic into income. My father used to tell me, if you want exercise, walk around, but if you want to get somewhere, map your route!

One of the keys to succeeding is to make sure you are using the best content structure.

What does this mean? Here’s the scoop… You begin by addressing the challenges your niche is going to ask (sometimes referred to as “pain points”)… By visitors who are looking for products and services (your can provide), then you can use your content (posts, podcasts, video, and so on), directing them (for example) to a web page where you compare the different choices available. This helps you ensure your promotional initiatives stand out. At that point, you can begin narrowing down and directing to very specific products or services.

Be transparent, and just as importantly always be building up trust!

When was the last time you bought something, very expensive, from someone you don’t know? When it comes to costly products, for most of use the answer is rarely, or never. Even with cheaper costing things, I’ll bet you’re like most of us, and do your research before spending! What are we looking for when we research, in a word: TRUST. It’s about building that trust and it’s imperative create your content funnel in such a way, as to continue earning increasing levels of trust until lastly, your niche visitors have confidence in you, that you can deliver or exceed the expected quality for their investment. One common example (both for products and services) are review pages, they naturally lead into your “money page”. Without listing each example (there are way too many) spend some time researching what specific types of content pages work well in your niche, adopt those – Then work hard to make them unique, so you stand out from the heard! Sadly, (as I mentioned at the very beginning) folks often mix up those two funnels (sales vs. content). Rather than building confidence (trust), they’re just repeating the same content in both of them. The more you repeat content, the less effective your message will become! So… Make sure to keep your funnels apart, and ensure your content funnel effectively leads into the sales funnel.

If you’re really interested in improving your online initiatives, and want to make more money. I do have a very effective video course available to you, that will give you an in-depth advantage. It also includes some bonus resources to download. Feel free to check it out here: Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies.

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