Pre-Qualify Traffic to Earn More Online Revenue

Pre-Qualify Traffic to Earn More Online Revenue

In plain language… Pre-qualification is important to building your revenue, because your audience is drawn (attracted) from places that are already frequented by people (in your target niche). People who are already interested in your products (or services). If you want to ensure greater income from your website traffic, make sure your promotions are targeting those niche audiences.

I think this is pretty much common sense. If, for example, you’re business provides health books, you wouldn’t market them where people are focused on automotive subjects. That would not be within your niche, so that audience would not be receptive to what you are trying to sell them.

Don’t get me wrong here… I agree that a small number of people might be interested in health books, but (to keep it “real world”) they’re main interest is automotive (it’s why they are there). And why they are occupied in those related websites / discussions. Those that are interested in health related subjects, will go to those places (websites)! – They’re not going to go to automotive places to find your health related books.

In reality however, pre-qualification makes your job much easier! Why? Again (to hammer the point home) because your audience will frequent the specific online areas that already hold their interest. Your job then, is simply to find those places that are already naturally in sync with whatever you’re promoting. It really is that easy! It’s all about doing the research, and creating a pitch that is of interest. Don’t forget… The pitch MUST be for a product or service that provides valuable benefit to the audience.

I’ve lost count of the overwhelming number of clients who focus only on building tons of traffic (then wondering why the sales they expect don’t appear) – Don’t do that! Sadly, it’s easy to get lost in traffic volume, page views, click rates, and so on. To be fair, I’m not advising such metrics have no value in marketing (of course they do). But… At the end of they day they are simply a measurement of activities… Quite frankly, your sole consideration should be to establish your pre-qualified traffic first! Then you can start streamlining with a careful analysis of your analytics afterwards.

Pre-qualification is one of the primary pillars for success, because it naturally filters and retains those people, based on their interest – That’s what they and you want! Phrased another way: If your website is garnering visitor traffic from those who are not interested in your products or services, that becomes problematic because no manner of optimization is going to improve your measurables. In turn, to be quite blunt you are not going to win! If the traffic visiting your website is not interested (meaning they are not qualified), they simply won’t convert, period.

So what gives? How do we earn more? Always think “conversion”. Stand back, look at your online business “the big picture”…. What results are you working to obtain? Once you’ve answered that question, begin building your graduated (step-by-step) plan to support the expected results. In a sense, you’re creating a road-map as to where online you need to create the best presence, and importantly, in what way you can best communicate with people to pre-qualify them for your products and / or services.

Having a “pre-qualification road-map” in hand, you’re better positioned to find, and leverage the best streams of website traffic – Those that are actually interested in what you have to say. Also (road-map in hand), when investing in paid ad campaigns, you will already have a good profile of the target audiences who are the most likely to purchase your product or retain your services – And… Your investment in ads is more targeted, resulting in an improved ROI as well!

Here be dragons… If you don’t address this issue, you’re simply wasting your time. Without question, occasionally we do read stories of people who win, big time (lots of traffic, tons of money rolling in), but that’s like winning in the lottery, or finding a free bag with millions in cash on your doorstep. The reality is, this does not happen to us, it’s not the norm. You can’t build your business foundation on getting lucky (buying lottery tickets is not a successful retirement tactic). If you really want to start learning a better way to build systematic, methodical ways to pre-qualify website traffic, and want garner improved revenue from the Internet, I provide a the popular online course: Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies, you can check out a free video preview that discusses one of the course modules.

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