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In the course, you will learn that passive income is a way to earn “easy money” on the Internet. We’ve all been inundated with spammy offers to make money while we sip cocktails on the beach. Does the idea of easy money make you uncomfortable?

If it does, you’re not alone and not unreasonable at all. Your suspicions are justified! But in order to earn through passive income, you need to get used to the idea that how much you work doesn’t always equal how much you’re paid.

The idea is ingrained in us that work is good. You earn your money, which means working for it by sweating for each dollar. This is considered a virtue, while sitting back and getting paid is considered sneaky, sleazy, or lazy.

But keep in mind that there’s nothing “easy” about this money. As you will learn in the course, it takes a great deal of set-up, knowledge, and maintenance. You’re far from scamming anyone or milking the till.
What you’re actually doing with passive income is setting up streams of revenue beforehand that are steady over the long-term. You do the work, but you do it beforehand, behind the scenes, rather than producing for each pay check.

Building passive income streams is a skill on its own. Passive income is NOT “easy money.” In fact, if you’re approaching it from this mind set, you’re sabotaging yourself. Be ready to work hard to meet the needs of your niche, and your efforts will be met with success.

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