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Email Marketing Segmentation Strategy

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Email marketing is hands down the most powerful and effective form of online marketing. Nothing comes close. Seriously.

Even search marketing with all its hype and tried-and-proven success can’t even hold the candle to just how effective list marketing can be!

It’s easy to see why, survey after survey, marketing firms keep putting email marketing at or near the top of their advertising preferences. Here are the reasons why.

Through email marketing, you can get right in front of the eyes of your audience members… Anytime… Anywhere.

That’s right. You can be at a coffee shop, writing an email update. Plug that in to your email service provider, and your audience, regardless of where they may be in the world; and regardless of what they’re doing, are sure to get your email. After all, most people check their email inboxes several times daily.

Isn’t that a great opportinity for you and your audience?

This enables you to sell more products. Since you have a de facto relationship with people who voluntarily subscribed to your mailing list, you are able to keep the conversation going. You don’t get just one bite at the apple in trying to get list members to buy. Every time you send an update, you get a chance to convert some of your audience members into buyers.

73% of millennial’s prefer email communications from businesses.
59% of marketers say email provides their biggest return on investment.
99% of consumers check their email every day.
More than 50% of U.S. respondents check their personal email account more than 10 times a day, and it is by far their preferred way to receive updates from brands.
59% of respondents say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions.
760% increase in revenue noted by Marketers who use segmented campaigns.


This course provides the 8 most effective techniques to help you build a profitable list that help you avoid the top three problems:

  1. Putting up a list but it doesn’t attract many members.
  2. Attracting enough people to your list but most don’t open your email.
  3. Building a huge list of people with many opening your email – but most don’t buy anything.

In this course, you are going to get what you need to succeed in the highly competitive yet also highly lucrative world of email marketing. Put simply, I will step you through the process of putting up a modern email list – one that is engineered to succeed from the ground up. I have trimmed all the fat off. There is no “fluff” in this course. Instead, you’re going to get clear, easy-to-understand concepts that you need to wrap your mind around for you to be successful.

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