Image" Are You Marketing to the Right Audience?

Are You Marketing to the Right Audience?

Your business is here to help solve your customer’s pain points. If you do that well, and in a unique way, it’s almost guaranteed your business will grow well. But, if you miss addressing the needs of customers, you realize the degree business growth you might envision.

So… How do you know if you’re pitching to the right niche?

The Foundation of All Good Marketing is a Customer Avatar

Everything orbits around your customer avatar. What’s an Avatar? A customer avatar is a summary, a definition (a description) of the single individual who is the ideal target (and in the ideal target niche) for your marketing efforts. This is the specific type of person who your product or service is the best match for. It’s the one who’s pain points align perfectly with your offerings and solutions.

Identifying your avatar is not a one-time task, it’s a work in progress, because market environments (such as consumer demand) are constantly changing. On occasion, it’s important for you to review business data and update your avatar. This helps ensure you’re still marketing to the right individuals, in the right niche, and in the right way.

After developing a concrete definition (avatar) of who your best customer is, it’s critical to ask yourself, “Does my business help customers solve a specific problem?”, or “Does my service (or product) address any of my customers pain points?” Always remember… Benefits sell, features don’t! The best business offerings you provide include those that save customers time, money, or work.

Customer Feedback Is Key

You can help yourself determine how well you’re marketing to the right people by asking your customers for (valuable) feedback. Always ensure your lines of communication with them are open open. Always interact with your customers wherever possible. Doing so helps you garner a better an understanding of how they value your business (and the offerings you provide).

There are several ways to get feedback from existing customers. One way is to publish surveys via your social media channels, hold some focus groups through webinars (or in attendance seminars), interact through social media websites, and always try to reach out to your customers individually, during key points in the buying cycle (I’ve done this often, and can suggest… You’ll sometimes be very surprised with the value of input they provide).

If truly listening to your niche clients, they will communicate whether your products and services are a good match for them. In addition, you’ll learn what things you can improve!

Tips on Targeting Your Market

Segment Your Market. You may provide different offerings for different sectors of your niche (target) audience. Considering this, it would likely help immensely to “segment”. For example create a couple, or even more (specific) customer avatars, and develop your marketing initiatives of products (and services) accordingly.

Narrow It Down. It can get challenging if your avatar is too broad (meaning “It’s not specific enough!”). Don’t be scared to drill down to a very specific avatar. The more you can taper each segment to that one specific individual, the more (successfully) sharp and focused your marketing activities will be! – They’ll also end up being more successful.

Try Different Channels. Sometimes as businesses we can target the right niche but end up not using the best channels to reach customers. Learn how your niche (your avatar) prefers to find new products or services, and where they congregate online (for example which social media channel do they most use). Then explore investing resources towards marketing in those channels.

Your business can’t be all things to all people, nor should it be! The more you align with your specific niche (your specific avatar), the more likely you’ll work towards success! Instead, you focus your time and energy to those consumers who really need your product or service. Want to learn how to grow your business in easy-to-follow steps? Access my course “How to Build Your Business Growth Plan” today and start achieving your goals tomorrow.

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