5 Ways to Find Your Blog Niche

5 Ways to Find Your Blog Niche

Blogging is an effective method to improve your business revenue, as well as make more money online. Businesses that published 16+ posts per month, secured more traffic as well as business leads! Consider the following findings…

Companies publishing 16+ blog posts per month secured 3.5 times more traffic than those with 4 or fewer posts per month.

Companies publishing 16+ blog posts per month secured 4.5 times more leads than those with 4 or fewer posts per month.

A 100% increase in your total blog posts, increases your traffic to 300%. For example, if you have 50 blog posts with 1000 visitors a month, your total blog posts increase from 50 to 100, would increase your traffic from 1000 visitors to 3000 visitors a month.


Sadly, not all blogs that were intended to make money, or improve business revenue, are providing the expected results. In my professional opinion, too many of them are trying to address too many subjects to as many people as possible – If you try this, you’ll end up walking around, getting exercise, but not produce results! Remember your targeted niche market / audience is what counts. In order to foster success, and earn revenue from the content you post, you must focus on your singular target – Always. Following are five of the most helpful, money enhancing, secrets I advise existing clients to consider, when they are launching their blogs, or want to kick start an existing blog.

#1 – Leveraging Reddit

I almost always recommend Reddit at some point, because it is among one of the most in demand forums. There are thousands of topics (pretty much for everything I can readily think of), not only is it a terrific tool for content research; it hosts countless niche groups exchanging information about every possible topic (and topics that are going to cover your targeted niche offerings). Plainly put, leveraging Reddit to help find your niche is a fairly simple process. You can do several things… Use the search feature for keywords you’ve already identified (then explore the demand within that topic). You’ll also be able to see topic that are trending, and so on, as well as discover new communities!

#2 – Monitoring Google Trends

Another helpful contribution to find your blog niche, you can use Google Trends to see what people are currently searching for. Plus, Google provides users with tools that allow them to compare different keywords and provides the geographic location where the search volume for a topic is higher. This information can help you find your target audience.

#3 – Using Social Media

Another way to find a niche for your blog is the use of social media. For example, to help determine niche topics that are popular, use Pinterest to scope out what subjects people are pinning the most about. Log into Pinterest and take a look several people’s boards to find more new niche markets, that might be relatively untapped. I don’t normally advise Facebook (because it’s organic reach is dead), however, in this case it can be used to find groups catering to niche topics and communities. Common sense: You likely maintain one or more social media accounts, leverage them to provide the best research data you can (in terms of topics that are “busy” and / or “growing”).

#4 – Building Seasonal Events

Keep abreast of various holiday seasons, festivals, traditions, holidays, etc. as they (in a natural way) provide further niche markets that you can explore. Also, seasonal events provide some insight as to which niches are more beneficial at times, while others, not so much. Some examples… In the Christmas season, related niches tend to become saturated with products and services akin to Christmas, yet those related to Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Remembrance Day, etc. or not as prolific. What does this mean? It provides you with the opportunities to retarget, reduce competition, and further narrow down a tightly targeted niche.

#5 – Consistently Increasing Value

When finding a viable niche, among the primary considerations, is to probe for the right information. Always consider how your valuable knowledge and hands-on experience can add beneficial value to potential niche audiences. What real value can you deliver to them? What “pain points” can you truly help fix for them? Recognize your current abilities, past (and present) accomplishments, as they can (and will) greatly influence the niches that you are best able to cater towards. Think about it, hands-down, real world knowledge and expertise goes a long way towards providing value to specific niches; ones you find that you can support. Finally, it’s paramount to expressing your unique voice! – This may sound a bit nutty to some… However, those who are able to capitalize on their unique personality, come across as much more genuine (among other things), and this helps to build stronger branding, quality content, and so on.

I hope these five considerations help you further, during your niche quest. When you finalize on your #1 niche, and are ready, Never (ever ) restrain yourself. Instead, make sure that you move forward ASAP with the creation of quality content, used to begin the process of building your niche market audience followers. To further help you, I provide a simple step-by-step, online course, for you to find your niche: Finding Your Niche.

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