20 Minutes to Finding Your Niche!

20 Minutes to Finding Your Niche!

Uncovering and targeting a profitable niche is close to the idea of not forgetting your shoes when you leave home – Without them, you won’t go far. In order to garner any serious degree of success (and profit) it’s important to take the time to narrow in to a targeted niche audience, one that will help you grow a strong and successful online revenue stream. If you’ve not already found your niche, below are some of the strategies you can use to uncover your niche – Even better, all it takes is about 20 minutes to get started on the right track!

Finding Usable Niche Keywords

As described in my post: 3 Very Simple Ways to Score the Perfect Blog Niche it becomes a fairly simple process to search, then nail down a potentially profitable niche. Using tools like Ubersuggest and Google Trends as some of your quick “go to” tools, allows you to very quickly narrow down several of those great niche potentials. I should mention that these are free tools. Why free? – When many people start new initiatives, often the cash flow is not available to pay for more expensive services (so free tools can be used until there is more funding available). So… When looking for niche opportunities, what do I look for? Ones that are not excessively competitive, have a reasonable search volume, and so on. The “short list” is below:

  • Local search volume: At least 1500 – 6000
  • Cost per click (CPC): $0.25 – $1.10
  • Advertiser competition: Low
  • Pages below DA of 30: The more, the better
  • Pages less than one year old: The more, the better
  • Avoid ecommerce keywords!

Keyword Competitiveness Considerations

Again, it’s critical to do the research (actually take the time to do it thoroughly), in particular is the degree of competition. In may ways, they keyword(s) you select, will be the topic of your niche, and form the base for your offerings. Tools as mentioned above, will help. Also, if you have a Google adwords account, you can leverage the benefits of the Google Keyword Planner. Don’t be afraid to use simple tools… Just enter your selected keyword(s) into Google’s search and examine the web pages returned in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) – This helps you better see who is doing what well, and often gives you some insight into how.

Decision Time…

You’ve found your best keywords, completed evaluating the feasibility, as well as the competitiveness. Have you found a good niche idea, or not? If there is not a lot of paid competition, and your organic competition is low (“organic” means something that is not paid), then it would appear you’re very likely in a good spot to move forward towards a launch. Was competition too high though? – Then go thorough the research process again, and find a more conducive (profitable) niche. However, if you’re clear to move forward, the next steps are related to obtaining a domain name, hosting, website, etc. – These are all considerations covered in other topics. I should note: The domain name you select does NOT have to contain your keyword. It’s nice if it does, but it’s not critical. In the past, a domain name containing your keyword was a benefit, however, as Google search algorithms matured, this is no longer the case (in part because the focus is on the actual content, not on the name of the domain).

As you can see, selecting a good niche for your business really does not have to be a lengthy, excessively convoluted process. Following these three steps will help you choose an effective niche, that is going to work better for you. It places you in a position, where you can very quickly move forward with your website development stage, and beyond! To further help you, I provide a simple step-by-step, online course, for you to find your niche: Finding Your Niche.

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